About Sustainability Math

Sustainability Math is edited by Thomas J. Pfaff, Professor of Mathematics at Ithaca College, and aims to provide useful resources and information to help educators include sustainability material into their courses.  The material here focuses on Intro Stats and Calculus but can often be adapted easily to other settings from high school to the first two years of college. Sustainability is defined broadly to range from the environment to social justice. Please consider reading our definition of sustainability education. This site includes regular blog posts, classroom materials (data sets, assignments, etc) for classroom use, and links to other resources. Blog posts, 0-3 times per week, to this page will be focused on sustainability in the news and so consider signing up for email alerts below. Materially posted here will likely be useful to those interested in promoting quantitative literacy.  Classroom materials are organized by courses and topics as best possible.

Contributing to the Sustainability Math site is encouraged. There are numerous ways to contribute to this site.  The most valuable contribution is in the form of curriculum materials. If you have materials posted please bring this to our attention so that we can link to those materials. If you have materials that you would like us to host we will gladly do that and we will clearly credit the work.  Contributed curriculum materials can focus on any aspect of sustainability (e.g. environmental issues, biodiversity, climate change, poverty, inequality (economic, gender, etc.), social justice, peak oil, energy, peace and human security, water, sustainable lifestyles, etc.). Ideally the materials are in a form where an educator can print out the material and implement them in a classroom easily.  All materials should include a statement of the mathematical expectation or what typical math course can use them. If you think we are missing something in the resource page please let us know. Finally, if you have a suggestion for a blog post then let us know. In general, questions, comments, and thoughts are welcome. Use the contact information below.