Applied Calculus with R

This is the resource page for Applied Calculus with R. Please let me know if something can be added that would be helpful to you. Thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. about the textbook are welcome. Send me an email. Also take note the Animations Page, which has useful animations for illustrating calculus ideas. If you are interested in data based thinking you might enjoy my Briefed by Data site:

R Code

R Code for Shiny applets

You can download and run this code to get applets with sliders to illustrate calculus ideas.

Function Gallery Material

This version of the function gallery has larger graphs and larger font size in the captions for easier reading.  Data and models will be updated roughly yearly, but note that the answers to odds in the text will no longer be correct. I may also add new models.

Calculus in the News

This is a list of posts on the blog that quote articles that use some form of calculus terminology, which is typically some form of change. Note the date is the date of the post and not the date of the article, although they are typically close.

Supplemental Material

The goal for this section is to add extra problems over time. Ideas and contributions are welcome.