What are the projections for high school graduates?

The 10th Edition of Knocking at the College Door (Dec 2020) is a report produced by WICHE:

The latest edition of Knocking at the College Door includes projections of high school graduates through the Class of 2037. These data include projections for the nation, regions, and 50 states and DC for public and private high school graduates. Additionally, these data include projections of public high school graduates by race/ethnicity.

Their graph here is for U.S. High School Graduates but they also have predictions for regions, census divisions, and state here. The data also includes projections based on race and ethnicity:

For several editions now, WICHE has projected increasing diversification of high school graduating classes. The projections presented here continue this trend, with an ever-increasing proportion of students of color. This increase is primarily driven by an increase in the number of Hispanic and multiracial graduates.

All the data is available for download.

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