What are the challenges for young adults?

The Pew article Most in the U.S. say young adults today face more challenges than their parents’ generation in some key areas by Stella Sechopoulos (2/28/20220) provides the survey response graph copied here. There are generational difference in these responses:

While majorities across all age groups say young adults have it harder when it comes to buying a home, saving for the future and paying for college, Americans ages 18 to 29 are more likely than older age groups to say this. More than eight-in-ten adults younger than 30 (84%) say buying a home is harder for young adults today, while 80% say the same about saving for the future and paying for college. Among those ages 30 to 49, 72% say buying a home and paying for college is harder for young adults today, and 74% say this about saving for the future. Those 50 and older are the least likely to say these measures are harder for younger generations to reach, with 63% saying this about buying a home, 67% saying this about saving for the future, and 66% saying this about paying for college.

A nice addition to this article would be data to back up the opinions. For example, are young adults saving less for the future than other generations and if so by how much?

There is another graph as well as questions used with the data and a methodology section.

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