How much has sea level risen where you live?

If you live along the cost you might be interested in how much sea level has risen. has the answer on their page Interactive map: How has local sea level in the United States changed over time? by Rebecca Lindsey, et. el. (Updated 3/2/2022). Zoom in on the map at the top of the page and select an arrow and then click on >. This will take you to an animated graph showing has sea level has changed. You can download static versions, such as the one for Nantucket here, and there is a link to the data. Details about regional changes follow the map and are informative. For example, regarding the Gulf of Alaska:

Every coastal location on Earth is being affected by global sea level rise. So why are there a lot of downward arrows around the Gulf of Alaska? Here, global sea level rise is being offset because the land is rebounding as the last remnants of ice-age glaciers disappear. Global sea level is rising, but the land is rising faster, so sea level is falling relative to a fixed local benchmark.

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